How My Granddaughter’s Cavities Healed Naturally

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Oh Yes!  Keep reading.  Cavities will heal on their own.  There is no need to drill that tooth.   Cavities can heal naturally and the teeth will remineralize.  There is lots of research to back it up.  But let me tell you how I know personally that cavities can heal naturally.

Six months ago, I took my six-year-old granddaughter to the dentist to have a tooth pulled because her previous dentist in filling a cavity had removed too much of the tooth, causing the nerve to die.  Incidentally, that happens way too often.  The same thing happened to my grandson with a different dentist.

Root canals are not done on children, because they are not successful.   So for both children,  the tooth had to be pulled.  Anyways, my granddaughter’s  tooth was removed and a spacer was placed in my granddaughter’s mouth to hold the place until her new tooth grows in which will be in a couple of years we were told.

Now,  at that time,  (six months ago)  we were also told that she had two small cavities that needed to be filled, but because of what we had just gone through,  I put off having  the cavities filled.

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